Our Approach


"Engaged professionally and intuitively with internal management and staff and became part of the team"

Core to Customers Matter is great customer service, which is embodied in our name. To us it is not just about meeting your requirements, but exceeding expectations throughout the process; from project conception to feedback. We apply our knowledge, skills and expertise creatively to ensure that you are always satisfied.

To ensure we deliver the highest level of customer service we put considerable emphasis on understanding your business and the current situation before we embark upon a project. Quality and clarity at the start will mean a much better result.We devise solutions that cater specifically for your particular situation and are not in the business of applying rote methodologies.
Integrity is paramount. The quality, validity and reliability of the information we derive on our customer's behalf are of primary concern. As is the way we collect the information; we operate in accordance with the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct.
Once we have delivered the project to your satisfaction, rightly the emphasis shifts from information to planning and action
  • To evaluate recommendations.
  • To agree actions, priorities and responsibilities.
  • To communicate findings to staff and customers.
  • To implement business change to serve customers better.

The value of any research lies in the ability of your organisation to act on it. With expertise in general management, strategic marketing and human resources we are always delighted to assist our customers in formulating plans and implementation.

Customers' needs change, markets and competition develop, and your own organisation will (hopefully) change as a result of any research project. Marketing Research is an ongoing process. We are ready and willing to recommend further research options as necessary.

We are passionate about driving our business forward and we can only do that by being passionate about making a real difference to your business, after all… customers matter.


    Illustration based on original artwork by
    Paul Edwards