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“On time and within budget constraints”

Market evaluation

Ideas, products and services all need a market to be commercially viable. The challenge is to be able to identify it, characterise it and analyse it to allow robust strategic decision-making that will bring you sales success.

Customers Matter will research and report the full picture to allow you to determine the most appropriate action - Answering vital questions:

  • Size
  • Segmentation
  • Volume & value shares, trends, dynamics and drivers
  • Targets & attractiveness 
  • Barriers to entry
  • and more

Channel marketing research 

Getting your products or services cost effectively and profitably to customers, either through direct or indirect means, needs an appreciation of and insight into the potential routes to market.

Distribution service providers, the reseller or retail structure and operating margins need to be well understood to plot your company's best route forward.

Customers Matter will map out the territory to ensure you don't get lost. Co-ordinating response to the gaps in your knowledge:

  • Established and potential new channels in the market
  • Key players
  • Vendors support requirements 
  • Channel dynamics now and into the future
  • and more

New product or service evaluation

Gauging customers' or prospects' reactions and intentions to your new products and services through research, at the earliest opportunity, will allow you to assess the commercial viability or not of your potential future actions.

With insight you can decide whether to abandon, to refine or to charge full steam ahead. Customers Matter will deliver that insight:

  • Initial prospect feedback on all aspects of potential new services or products
  • The ability of the product or service to deliver to the market's needs
  • Derived benefits
  • Positioning strategy
  • and more

Promotional effectiveness

Meeting your marketing objectives means having the right strategy in place and excellent implementation.

When significant resources are being committed, soliciting the opinions of your target market to focus and refine creative development can help ensure your message hits home.

Customers Matter will undertake research to provide information to assist promotional decision-making.

Employee satisfaction measurement

Customers Matter delivers true measures of your performance as an employer through research.

Not just quantifying but also qualifying your employees' experience on the dimensions that matter to them.

  • Employee - Management relations
  • Opinion on compensation and benefits
  • The working environment
  • Perceptions of opportunities for career progression
  • Evaluation of training and development programmes
  • And more

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    Paul Edwards