Customer Perceptions of Brands

"Valuable customer insight"

With much of marketing practice concentrating on the creation, building, sustenance and extraction of value from brands (corporate and/or product), it is vital to have a true gauge on the attitudes and beliefs that are held about the distinct properties of your brand. This allows you to adjust perceptions by alterations to the marketing mix to improve your corporate or product image.

To ensure your brand is:

  • Salient to customers, and able to deliver to their requirements.
  • Based upon real organisational, product/service strengths and attributes as your customers view them
  • Reflecting your true competitive advantage by offering superior customer benefits
  • Communicable
Customers Matter can either take a concentrated focus on purely customers (and determine their viewpoint on all aspects of a brand's anatomy), or take a wider outlook and embrace, internal perceptions within your company, your partners and also seek to survey competitors' customers. This latter perspective has enormous potential for truly getting to grips with issues that confront brands and the fulfilment of their potential.

    Illustration based on original artwork by
    Paul Edwards