"Advice is often lateral and free-thinking, always helpful"

  • January 25 2011

    An Ice Cream Cone and a Princess – Lessons from Disney

    The little girl was with her family at Disney World for the first time. She had just sat down to have her ice cream cone, and was wearing a princess outfit which was bought just for this special trip.


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  • December 09 2010

    Two little phrases that say a lot

    Sometimes there are phrases that stick in your mind

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  • May 25 2010

    Bentley Motors and branding

    If the mark of a brand is owning emotional territory in the consumer's mind, then brand employees have an invaluable role to play. 

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  • March 18 2010

    It is about time!

    It is a phrase that has different meanings; the right time, availability of time, finally having got round to it. In this case all three apply to the new Customers Matter website. Frankly, we have been rather remiss and not updated the website since the company was formed but now we have and we like it!. Let us know what you think.

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Illustration based on original artwork by
Paul Edwards